Marketing and Competitive Intelligence Workshops and Presentations.

Getting applicable expertise into your teams and meetings.

Opportunis founder and proprietor Jens Thieme, Insightologist® has held dozens of workshops and speeches at SCIP, SCIA, GIA, M-Brain, Jacob-FlemingConferences, etc. since 2005.

If you want to educate your teams about competitive intelligence excellence or marketing effectiveness; or if you are looking for relevant content for a conference, please contact us.

We also work with a vast network of experts and partners who can speak to a wide range of strategic and intelligence topics.

Examples of speeches and presentations

Don’t be your company’s BER - CI Digitalization session

What a German white elephant airport investment has in common with a competitive intelligence digitalization project.

Examples of workshops

CI Digitalization - full day workshop

Preparation and Implementation Workshop. Gaps in your CI digitalization project will magnify the blindspots in your company’s board room.

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