Some representative client testimonials 

"Incredibly well-planned and targeted to our needs. The recommendations for improvements were very valuable and realistic to implement"

— Iris Schnitzler, Global Head of Marketing

"Extreme sense of professionalism ... leadership in the Competitive Intelligence community is second to none and aspirational to those that look for guidance, assistance and direction"

— Michel Bernaiche, Director, Program Development

"Established the fundamentals of Market intelligence ... enabling dramatic progresses in marketing management ... vision, creativity, relentless drive for results makes the difference"

— Bruno Sallé de Chou, Founder & CEO

"Sharp eye and genuine interest for clear and functional processes, aiming to continuously improve organizations to transform and develop"

— Samanta Cimitan, Director - Corporate Development and Strategy


Some representative workshop ratings

Various attendees of workshop "Co-Creation. More powerful intelligence."

Workshop rating (1 low - 5 high):
Relevance of the topic 4.55
Value of the content discussed 4.45
Opening presentation 4.35
Facilitation 4.5
Overall assessment 4.45

— During Global Intelligence Alliance Conference, Helsinki, Finland