"A European pharmaceutical company wants to improve their market intelligence function."

Marketing Challenge

  • Market intelligence activities fairly new (<2 years)
  • No internal strategic expertise to grow market intelligence as a function
  • Reactive resource allocation and on-demand skill building
  • Lack of alignment, fragmented and uncoordinated mandating
  • Uncertainty about way forward, skills needed and potential value creation


Marketing Audit

  • Marketing audit: current solutions and needs review (function self-assessment)
  • Present and future gap analysis
  • Alignment of operational processes and strategic decision planning
  • Stakeholder/owner survey and dialogue
  • Excellence projects portfolio and agenda


  • Gap analysis and excellence toolbox transfer = 5 days
  • Excellence program targeting and kick-off = 1 month (internal)
  • Follow-up, health checks and adjustments = ongoing (internal)


  • Status quo and gaps visualized
  • Stakeholder surveys and dialogue enabled
  • Best practice options recommended
  • Measurement and controls established
  • Market intelligence excellence program ready for kick-off